Why Philpharma Consulting

Our Focus

At Philpharma Consulting, we keep our focus on providing quality BFAD/Philippine FDA-related regulatory services. Other consulting companies may offer you a one-stop station of consulting services including good business setups and taxes registrations but dealing with a regulatory agency like the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD)/Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires more than just legal compliance but also excellent technical compliance.

Especially when applying for a Certificate of Product Registration, wherein the preparation of technical documents that will support a product's quality, safety and efficacy determines the total processing time to secure an FDA approval for your product.

And you would not want this process get compromised by hiring consultants who do not specialize in providing the services you really need.

Our Network

Philpharma Consulting has its colleagues affiliated to different institutions in different fields of the pharmaceutical industry, even within the Philippine FDA itself. We got legal officers with vast inside connection to different government offices, to ensure that legal related matters are properly addressed as well.

This network guarantees that we got the right and up-to-date informations, and use these informations to better serve our clients.
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