License to Operate Registration


A License to Operate plays an important role to businesses engaged in manufacturing, local distribution, export, wholesale or retail of processed foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices, hazardous substances or chemicals. Especially to businesses that plan to engage in import, export, marketing or local manufacture of products regulated by the Philippine FDA/ BFAD. 

This is because a duly registered LTO is a primary requirement for applying for Certificates of Product Registration. A lengthy process of acquiring an LTO also delays acquisition of CPR's for your products, therefore, any operation that involves these products are delayed. 

At Philpharma Consulting, we see things in our clients' perspective. And we understand how important time matters and how complicated it is to deal with regulatory agencies, like Philippine FDA/BFAD. That is why we 

  • Assist in determining the classification of LTO to be applied
  • Preparation of documents and technical requirements
  • Outsourcing of a licensed pharmacist, if your LTO application requires one
  • Filing of documents to the Philippine FDA/BFAD
  • Consistent follow-up on the status of the LTO application
  • Assistance during Philippine FDA/BFAD inspection of your establishment/office

Other Services

Certificate of Product Registration

Certificate of Product Registration is not only a proof of good quality, safety and efficacy of a product. CPR also serves as the primary marketing tool of company who plans to engaged with processed foods products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical device or household hazardous substances. (read more)


Philippine Business Registration

Applying for a License to Operate requires a proof of business registration. Certificate of SEC Registration and Articles of Incorporation for corporations/ partnership, and certificate of Business Name Registration issued by the Department of Trade and Industry will be requested to be submitted upon filing of the LTO application. At Philpharma Consulting, we offer business registration services to relieve our clients of this process to be able to save time and be able proceed right away with the LTO and product registrations.
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Product Labeling Design

Labeling material refers to any readable material that goes along with the commercially sold products. This includes the labels attached to the primary or immediate packaging. secondary packaging and the products literatures that comes along with the product. (read more)

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